Your guide to the transportation environment when in Italy

One of the things that will encounter when in Italy or even in other places is the transportation system and the rules they have set in that particular country. Even in one country, the rules and standards could vary from one region or municipality to another. That is why it is also better when you have knowledge especially if you are staying long or for some months. They say that knowledge is power os you must also have it. In Italy, here are some facts.

You can read all the rules above so that you will not violate them. As their system in advance so you must be very careful. If you came from a country where you can escape charges when the police are not there, it is very different in Italy. They can just use the cameras all around Italy in the traffic areas so they could process tickets and fines that you have to pay. Do not think that the owner of the car, if you are renting, will handle the fee and charges as you would be the one.

So if you do not want to be in trouble then, the best thing to do is to follow the rules and check the rules if you do not know them. Even if you are a tourist but it does not excuse you from committing those violations. So do not ruin your vacation by committing traffic violations or anything that would concern you and your travel that could be avoided.