Italian Theaters

One of the structures you can notice in Italy are the theaters. Italy is home to theaters that are famous also and so we will see some of the theaters located there. One of it is the one located in Milan which is the Teatro La Scala. The original building was built in 1778 and then it was bombed during the WWII. It was then rebuilt and a detailed renovation was made during 2004. This is the theater where opera singers which are famous have made performances.



Moving to Venice is the Teatro La Fenice. It has opened first its doors to the audience in the year of 1792.

But due to the experience of burning even twice, it has not been in operation. But as supporters are present so it was built again and it opened in the month of November 2004. This theater is known around Europe.

Another theater located this time in Naples is the Teatro San Carlo that is old but continues events for opera performances is being done. It opened its doors in the year 1737 and so some of the ballet productions which are the first were done here. It has 3, 000 seats and it is crowned as the opera house which is the oldest in Italy.

Performances of ballet, opera, and classical music are performed in its stage continually.

The theater located in Palermo is Teatro Massimo which is considered as the third in the rank as the largest theater in the whole Europe. One of their strength is the acoustic as it is labeled as one of the best around the world. They can host performances throughout the year. an additional feature is its design that attracts visitors to the place.