5 Best Movie Theater in the World

Theater is part of the culture of people around the world. In this artistic world, it is no wonder that many theaters are continually being build up. If you want to watch an amazing theater play, you have to go to a theater. But, do you know about the top best theater in the world? You can also dream to go there one day. In this article, you will have the information about the best movie theater in the world. It is found in different countries.

Castro Theatre is one of them. This is located at San Francisco in the United States. This theater is known as the “movie palace” of San Francisco and even known as the most famous landmark of the city. This theater is on the tenth rank based on the video above.

Cine de Chef located in South Korea is also one of the best movie theatre in the world. It is a luxurious theatre and only the ones who can afford it can go there.

Prasad Theatre in Hyderabad, India is also considered as one of the best movie theatre in the world. It is a wide movie theatre with other offers aside from the movies to be played on screen.

Uplink X in Tokyo Japan never failed the expectations of the audience. It received positive reviews that made it to the sixth place based on the video above.

4DX which is found in Seoul, South Korea is another luxurious movie theatre in the world. And this agency will help you well in travel here view this site 台胞證照片 眼鏡. Everyone can have an amazing movie experience.