There are many places that you can find to visit when you are in Palermo. They have the structures that have their own importance to the history of the place and the whole nation. What is amazing is that those structures have been built many years ago and they still stand at this time. They are the ones that boost the tourism industry of the place as they hold a significant amount of curiosity to people. They have palaces and also museums you can visit.  Let us see some of them.

One is where the seat of the Assembly of the Sicilian In Regional level which is the Palazzo dei Normanni. Another structure is the one that will let you know of the architecture of Norman as they have built it with that style. It is the Palazzo dei Normanni (Norman Palace). It is written as one belonging to the Italian palace that is most beautiful. In this palace is the location of Cappella Palatina. Another place is the castles of Zisa and Cuba. In present time the Zisa is the place of the Islamic museum.

There are more of them like Palazzo Natoli, Palazzo Abatellis, Palazzo Chiaramonte, and Palazzina Cinese.

Moving on to the churches in the place, you can find Church of Saint Catherine, Chiesa della Martorana, Church of San Francesco d’Assisi, and San Cataldo’s Church. There are more to the place that you could see when you will be there. Churches are scattered around the place and you can find one that has their own feature.